New Features and Improved Performance

Features by Brennan Novak on Sep 24th, 2012

Hello there. It has probably seemed like we were on a hiatus, and in some sense we were. However, we are back and developing new features. There are still some pretty major developments that have not quite finished incubating yet. If you are an über fan of Emoome and would like to test out some of not yet finished features- we would love to see hear your thoughts just email , tweet , or ask us in person to give you access. However, a few features have been released and you should notice them when you use Emoome. In case you don't, here they are:

Emoticons when Recording a Feeling

Before you say "wasn't there an article written about how Emoome will get us beyond the emoticon?" Yes. There was a fantastic article about that. And, yes. Getting beyond the emoticon is a long term goal of Emoome- but, for the record, we never claimed we disliked emoticons or  that they don't have a proper place in the digital landscape- we just think there is so much more to explore than emoticons when mapping emotions and human experience. In fact, the main reason we added this feature was due to user requests. That's right, some passionate users practically demanded this feature or they would be less likely to use Emoome. We found this request to be really fascinating and perhaps an indicator of a deeper psychological trait, thus Emoticon recording has been added.

Emoticons in Language Map

With the addition of emoticons, we've also added cute little emoticons to your language map (hover over items to view). However, the icon next to your experience is not necessarily the same "feeling" you previously recorded. The reasons are that previously we didn't have a  specified list of emotions to choose from and even now- you may still prefer to specify your own feelings / words.

Improved Speed & Performance

We've also worked a lot to completely refactor how Emoome was built and you should noticed some significant improvements as you clicked around and use our web & mobile web apps. For all you nerds out there Emoome is now a "single page app" built on Backbone.js


As always, if you notice any bugs, experience issues, or would like to suggest a feature please don't hesitate to email us or (as you will also notice) there is a nice little suggestions button in the bottom corner of the screen now :)


GroupThought - An Experiment In Realtime Emotional Data Visualization

by Brennan Novak on Jun 12th, 2012

On Saturday June 2nd, a couple of people teamed up with me in the Vibrant Data Hackathon in Portland, OR. The competition took place after a tight dev sprint of about 6 hours. The last hour of the sprint was hurried and tight but luckily, we were able to pull off what I set out to- create a data visualization of how a room feels about a live discussion, as it is happening in realtime.

How The App Worked

A slideshow was loaded on a webpage which was projected onto the wall for group viewing. Below the slideshow was six colored rectangles to represent the types of language as per specified via the Emoome API.

Users were instructed that they could either send SMS message or record their thoughts via a tool available at from either desktop or mobile web browser. As I talked through the slideshow people sent in comments or random words about how they felt about the presentation.

The comments people submitted were then parsed via the Emoome Language API and the results were displayed in realtime below the slideshow that was being projected. As you can see the most common word type the room used was "descriptive" words.

What's Different About GroupThought

The concept behind GroupThought is fundamentally different than using an existing service like Twitter and simply doing a hashtag search; then projecting that feed. GroupThought is a snapshot of an event generated by only the people participating in that event. Twitter data (or other public social sites) are available to the whole internet, GroupThought is private. By narrowing that channel of communication and the audience- people will alter what they say, this leads to a more accurate and intimate retelling of an event.

But, the main thing that sets GroupThought apart, is that it offers a realtime visualization of what everyone is saying- however similar or dissimilar that is. Through creating a normalized standard (and visualizing this) GroupThought strives to "understand" what the group is thinking.

How GroupThought Placed

The audience seemed quite excited during demo and were complimentary- luckily the judges seemed to agree. Team Emoome ended up tying for 2nd Place and taking home a cash prize of $2,500 to split amongst the team. We could not have been happier with how everything turned out. Thanks to the sponsors: Intel Labs, Growth Science, PopArt, and Thetus Corporation, and everyone else who participated.


Quantified Self Show & Tell: A Life Changing Event

by Brennan Novak on Apr 15th, 2012

On April 10th there was a larger than usual Quantified Self: Show & Tell at Wieden + Kennedy in Portland. I had been asked to present data I had gathered during some early experiments I had been conducted with Emoome in the fall of 2011. The experiments were mostly me, my then girlfriend,  and other close friends. I was told that one of the fellows who founded the QS movement was going to be present and that I should definitely try to get my slides together.  

The Secret Lives of Words & Brains

The reason this event was "Life Changing" is that being prodded to present at the Show & Tell drastically changed the trajectory of my current life and dedication to this project in particular. A few years ago I had read this article written by Gary Wolf, the fellow who  co-founded the QS movement, and it changed the direction of my life. That article and concept was a corner stone in making me dedicate my career and passion to technology 100%, it had inspired me  with a deeper hope for the human condition than any piece or art, literature, or music had in years. With that said, if only I had a quantified measure of the impact of that article and how it made me feel three years ago :)

*Disclaimer: Given the nature of Emoome- emotional journaling and personality mapping, I am feeling inspired to sprinkle news, and blog posts with personal anecdotes- hopefully you, dear reader, will gain something from them.